Week ending Dec 1 running summary

Just noticed I haven’t been writing much about my running. It is easy to get distracted and focus on your toddler when he routinely does stuff that makes you smile, like Friday…he walks into the waiting room at Children’s Hospital for his Speech appointment and out of the blue starts singing “Jingle Bells.” Doesn’t matter that he only knows about a third of the words, just keeps on singing for a good five minutes.

This running week began Sunday with some cross training- snowboarding. Since our first day on the snow this year and the conditions were a bit icy, we took it easy. Didn’t development major thigh burn although the calf did tightened up some.

Monday- rest

Tuesday, an easy 4.5 loop through the neighborhood at 6am. When I actually get my butt up and out the door, between 5 and 6am is my favorite time to run.

Wednesday, found extra motivation, swam 25 min (slowly) at the Ballard pool and then ran 5.25 in a light rain. Swimming is rare for me, but I’m trying to include it once a week moving into the 2013 training schedule.

Thursday, my long run – 9 miles. An easy gradual downhill to the Burke-Gilman trail, almost to the UW (University of Washington) and back. About mile 6, my body reminded me that I ran and swam the day before. My 8:30 pace slowed to 9:30 as I climbed the final mile up into Ballard.

Friday- rest

Saturday, as easy going 6 mile run, in between bands of heavy rain and wind. Actually, only ran 5.25, I’ll make up that 3/4 mile another day.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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