Cheap eats with NPR recipes

Since leaving the corporate world, I listen to the radio daily, often for hours. While I’m doing miscellaneous tasks, the radio is background noise. Feeding Will breakfast (which sometimes takes hours) is NPR (94.9 KUOW) time until 9am. Then, I often switch to catch the last hour of “John in the Morning” on 90.3 KEXP. He is a down to earth DJ who spins an excellent mix of tunes. I absolutely LOVE this radio station.

After lunch, I often return to KUOW to hear the BBC. But one NPR program that I normally do not listen to is “The Splendid Table”. Nothing personal but Lynne Rossetto Kasper voice drives me nuts. The other day, ignoring her annoying voice, I listened briefly when a caller asked about recipes for those on a budget. Lynne mentioned the programs website holds a section for “cheap eats”.

Naturally, I checked it out and selected

Don’t tell Lynne but it wasn’t very good.


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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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