Doctor’s Appointment(s)

The past few days Will had his 4 year old well care visit, (Group Health Epic speak for yearly check up) and his yearly complete care team appointment at Children’s Hospital. Wish I could say we’re done with appointments for awhile but tomorrow is his weekly Speech and 8 week Dentist appointments.

During the well-care visit, we learned his weight and height landed at 14% and 12%, on the US growth chart for his age. This may seem low but during his first doctor’s appointment, about a month after his adoption, his height/weight didn’t even show on the US growth chart. Our adoption agency gave us a “Southern Chinese” (Northern Chinese tend to be larger so have their own growth chart) growth charts and his weight, fell about 30%.

Therefore, height/weight is all relative. Just need the right ‘chart’.

The ‘complete care team’ visit to Children’s hospital lasted nearly a full day. We met with his:

  • Social Worker
  • Pediatrician
  • Ear Nose and Throat Specialist
  • Surgeon
  • Speech Coordinator

Our Health Insurance is through Group Health and because they don’t treat cleft palate, they gave us a referral to Children’s. And I am so glad. Because so many children are adopted from Asia, to the US NW and cleft palate is common in Asia, Children’s treats hundreds of cases. They have the long term care plan down.

They are many health care organizations that talk the talk around ‘coordinated care’ but Children’s truly talks the talk and walks the walk. The Pediatrician is the main ‘owner’ of the coordination and she is on the ball. Knows Will’s history, current info, etc, all without looking at any notes. And I really enjoy, you can sense that each provider doesn’t feel rushed.

Lastly, the #1 thing I like the most about our care team is that each provider spends significantly more time ‘listening’ vs talking.

OK, one negative. Since I have a background working with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Epic I can’t help myself.  I know Children’s Hospital uses Epic, the PC and monitor are sitting right there in the patient care room. But only one of 6 provider touched it. And that one guy only logged on, wrote 30 seconds of notes and logged off. I was stunned. Perhaps the providers dictate their notes and someone else updates Will’s record. Next time, I’ll ask.

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