Piggy Banking

The other day was Will’s 4th birthday and he received a generous amount of loot- shirts, hats and books. And he enthusiastically unwrapped each gift. A favorite was a large magnifying glass.  The #1 category of gift was “airplanes.”

Below is soft Blue Angel airplane:

He also received a Blue Angel book and an airplane piggy bank. He was unfamiliar with the concept of ‘piggy bank’ so we explained that he could collect coins and deposit them inside the bank to save them. Last night he suggested we go ‘Piggy Banking,” which he explained as going door to door and asking neighbors for their coins to place inside his piggy bank. “You know, it’s Piggy Banking”, exclaimed Will.

I like the idea.

It is interesting to compare the idea of birthday to his last one. First, the anticipation of the big day this year was sky high. For weeks, if not months he kept asking “when is my birthday?” or “how many days until my birthday?” Birthday, was almost a daily topic of conversation. Next, he would mention invitees to his birthday party, both in a positive and negative manner. Every few days, he’d suggest school friends and or cousins who should be invited to the party:

“Sawyer, Asha, Adele, Mary Thorn and Violet are coming to my birthday party”

But, he also used not making the guest list to his party as a punishment or reflection of his anger. For example, the day after Halloween he wanted a piece of candy and I replied “Not yet, you can have some candy after you eat all your dinner tonight.” He replied sternly with a wrinkled brow, “well, you are not coming to my birthday party.”


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