Mile repeats

In my quest for lowering my Marathon PR the main methods, for me, include:

  • lose weight
  • run more weekly miles
  • speed workouts

Unfortunately, the first two options don’t work too well for me. First, I’ve plateaued at 180 pounds for the past 2+ years. I’d really like to squeeze it down to 175 but haven’t been able to. A continuous struggle to avoid over eating is a war I’m losing.

Next, I try to listen to my body and my body seems to demand more rest days when I get into the 40 miles per week territory. Being a conservative runner (trying to avoid injury), I listen and take more rest days and therefore haven’t hit 50 mpw or more (peak training week mileage) in several years. Ideally, I’d like to get into the 60mpw range.

That leaves the final option- speed work as my main method to lower my PR. I used to run  Yasso 800s, once a week in my training schedule. But, about a year ago, a friend convinced me to switch to mile repeats. Here is an example of the mile repeats I ran this AM at 5:30am.  My actual times are in the ( ).

  • 1 mile warm up, easy
  • 1 mile @ 7:20-7:30(8:09)
  • .25 mile easy
  • 1.0 @7:10-7:20(7:31)
  • .25 easy
  • 1.0 @7:10-7:20(7:23)
  • .25 easy
  • 1.0@7:00-7:10(7:06)
  • .25 easy
  • 1.0 mile cool down, easy

I think these workout are helping me hold a faster pace. At least it did during the tunnel marathon. Since that race I’ve run 6 days of these mile repeats and I feel strong. Although, I am paranoid about pulling something during these workouts. (knock on wood) Few years ago I pulled a hamstring and I had to stop running for about 6 months.

One big benefit for these workouts is the Ballard High School track, less than a mile away. The track is only two years old and is soft, gives a bit. Don’t know what material it is but the give is so much easier on the feet, knees, etc versus running on sidewalks or down the street.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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