Better late than never

It’s been about 10 months since my last post but I’m “refocusing” a few things in my life and getting back to this blog is one of them.

What has happened since last October….oh, so very much. First, Will continues to grow (over 30 lbs now), still loves ‘school’ and remains the happiest person in the universe.

We spent a long weekend camping near and playing in the Grande Ronde River in NE Oregon. Stunning landscape and near perfect temps to spend the day sitting in a river.

Speaking of happy, I love this picture from July 2012 for several reasons; the sunny and warm river in the background, his embracing a new, foreign environment with no fear and mostly his unbounded enthusiasm for life.

The largest ‘refocus’ recently has been my departure from my job at Group Health. Even though I started in February 2004, I always considered it my ‘job’, not a “career” or anything long term. (That is an issue I’ll address with a different post.) I resigned and walk out the front door for the last time 7/27. The trip to NE Oregon was our ‘celebration’, Scott is FREE weekend getaway. I left my job for many reasons but the main was that I gained little from it. The money and benefits were fine, I really enjoyed my boss, liked many of the co-workers but, the actual ‘job’ gave little satisfaction or sense of accomplishment. After wrestling with myself in my head, and discussing it, for months, we decided it would be to everyone’s benefit if I severed the ties of employment. I could write pages and pages on this subject but it’s kinda outta scope of this blog so I will not.

So, now Scott is an unemployed stay-at-home dad (again) and Will stays home with me 2x per week, on Tuesday (I can drive him to his speech appointments) and on Friday. And August is absolutely the BEST month to be unemployed in Seattle. IT IS SUMMER!!!

And of course, being home during the summer is a huge benefit to the other half of this blog theme, my training. I get to run during the warmth of the sunny summer days!

Since The Victoria Marathon last October, I had a minor knee injury in November so I completely stopped running for almost two months. The pain slowly, and thankfully, faded away and by the new year I slowly started to run again. By February, I started ramping up the miles for Marathon Season 2012. My first race was the Tacoma City Marathon, in May. I chose this one since it’s an easy, short drive from home and several fellow Marathon Maniacs that I follow posts in a Runner’s World marathon forum highly recommended it. The race director is a MM and it is a Maniac Reunion. Which means there a hundred fellow Maniacs running.

Nice 2 for 1- one for the Race and the other for being a Marathon Maniac

The race is small, only 389, and most wore the MM singlets and T-shirts. I treated the race as just a training run, not a race, so didn’t push the envelope and hung with the 4 hour pacer group for most of the rolling course. It was a nice change of pace, not worrying about your time, chatted more with folks and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Tacoma. Never really spent any time in Seattle’s sister city, the course was surprisingly scenic. Felt strong at mile 19 so picked up the pace and finished my first negative split with 3:53.

The second race was my new all time favorite- The Light at the End of Tunnel Marathon.

Speaking of running, gotta go knock out my long run for this week. I’ll discuss The Tunnel race and my short term plans in the next post.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Better late than never

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yippee!!! Welcome back to blogging, unemployment, and other good things coming your way!

    • Scott says:

      Why thank you very much for the comment and good wishes. I just put your link on my blogroll (right nav). Just gotta figure out how to edit wordpress so don’t use alphabetical order, I want your URL at the Top!

      Holy cow, I got 11 ‘page views’ so far!! That is crazy. At this rate I’ll soon put up Google Ads and KW will be bathing in solid gold bars.


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