The Fall

(originally written 9/18) Rained last night for the first time in several weeks. Temps in the low 60s with clouds. Summer is definitely over. (heavy sigh)Not only has the season changed this week but Scott switched jobs. No more stay at home dad-ness.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

Starting last August, the goal was to give the stay-at-home dad thang a try for at least one year. Personally, I thought may go two years but didn’t really consider it a long term thing. Mostly, we wanted to help Will’s transition into his new life and deal with the surgery he needed to close his palate.  Scott the ‘stay-at-home dad’  lasted one year and two weeks. Started a new job 9/12, back at Group Health.

My new job title is “Business Intelligence Analyst”. Can’t believe how fast I landed the job. I found out about the opening in early July. The hiring process moved very quickly, perhaps too quickly. Through my previous GHC manager, I tracked down the name of the hiring manager, emailed him and set up an informational interview within 24 hrs.

Went into Group Health the next week for 30 minute informal chat with Mike the manager. I liked what I heard; new team (about a year) that would more than double in size, still trying to determine the best way to do their work, tons of work and most importantly, I have the opportunity to do something besides QA (quality assurance or Test) and learn new skills. The next week the formal interview with Mike and Sr member of the team and two weeks later the job offer.

Will is such a social creature, he really enjoys being around other people. If that was not the case, it would have made returning to the work force much harder. Naturally curious, he walks right up to babies, toddler, kids or adults and wants to know what they are doing. Since he is still learning to talk, he learns mostly by observing and mimicking others’ behavior. So starting day care this Fall seemed like the right time.

Can’t believe the past year went by so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday, when I took the picture of Will in his stroller that is the header of this blog….

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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