KW’s new office

A few weeks ago, KW’s team moved into their new building. Unlike most companies, the opening of this new workspace was front page news and will be a defining presence in Seattle. The other day, Will and I had our first tour and were pretty impressed. Basically, ever detail is of the highest standard. In countless ways, it is like no other building.

For example, this place has both Coke AND Pepsi. Second, the garage is covered by the largest green roof in the city. Third, the two buildings cost $500 MILLION.

Also, the use of light is abundant. The buildings are narrow, allowing natural light to impact more space. And they have work “cubes” but they are by far the nicest cubes I’ve ever seen.

Two of the three buildings are now complete. Not sure when they will break ground on the third. Located across from the Seattle Center and Experience Music Project (EMP), the buildings will soon be a “must see” listed in every tour book for Seattle.

On a personal level, the location is killer because now KW doesn’t have to switch buses and her one hour comment is now cut in half.

Airplane, don't leave home without it

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