At the dentist

We’ve been to the dentist several times this year. Found an extremely friendly dentist near Green lake and she adores Will. (who wouldn’t)

Initially, Will showed no fear and handled routine cleanings like a champ. But, likely due to substandard (or no) dental care during his first 18 months, his teeth require extra attention. Second and third times in, he reached his tipping point and clearly expressed his desire to end the appointment asap.


Last week we went in to fill several cavities, after a big lunch. Not sure if it was the full belly, the warm sun shining through the window or what but about 15 minutes into filing the cavities, Will became very still and started breathing loudly. The dentist announced he was asleep.

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2 Responses to At the dentist

  1. Emily says:

    Found this post on my search for dentist tips from other parents of little ones. My 3 yr old son had to be lightly sedated for an extraction of an injured tooth this week. It was amazing and wonderful, especially since the alternative was being wide awake and restrained head to toe… but very expensive since not covered by insurance. And if you ever need a good resource to taking care of kids’ teeth, I’ve recently found this Mom’s Guide to be helpful. (I know it’s called a “Mom’s Guide”… obviously it’s just as helpful for Dads, grandparents, etc!!) I’m dreading my son’s next cleaning because he won’t be sedated. I can only dream that he’d fall asleep in the chair like your son did! 🙂 Were they able to finish the fillings easier because he was asleep?

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for your comment Emily and for that resource URL. Will only slept about 10 minutes and soon after waking became upset. But, they were able to finish the fillings.

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