Visit to Mt Hood, OR

Yes, I know I am way behind here…Life just gets in the way sometimes. Or I am lazy.

Back on 5/13 the entire family drove down south of the border, to Mt. Hood, Oregon. Way back in March, when the dismal spring weather was getting us down, we discussed heading to central Oregon, for a long weekend, to find some sun. The trip ‘idea’ somehow morphed into renting a dog friendly cabin in a town called ZigZag, about 10 miles from Mt. Hood.

Will points out an airplane or maybe a firetruck to Hank

For us, the main draw of Mt. Hood was The Timberline Lodge. For you Stephen King fans, the film,”The Shinning” uses the Lodge for all the outside shots of the resort. (The inside scenes used a lodge somewhere in Colorado).  The Timberline Lodge runs a small ski resort between 5,000-9,000 feet. With the crazy cold “Spring,” their snow totals continued to climb. So, we packed our snowboard gear and hoped for cold rain in ZigZag (1,500 ft).

The clan spent three nights in a very comfy yet rustic cabin on the ZigZag river. With light, to steady to “cats and dogs” rain the entire weekend, our hopes and dreams of “fresh snow” were answered. Sunday’s Heavy winds canceled that day but Monday, May 16th we snowboarded in about 8 inches of fresh snow with moderate snow flurries throughout the day.

Fresh Tracks all day on Mt. Hood

It was a solo day on the slopes, since we rotated turns staying with Will in the Lodge while the other was shredding fresh pow-pow. And as you may guess, there was NO ONE on the mountain. I think the longest lift line held two people.

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