I challenge you!

In the past month or so, Will has been challenging me, pushing the boundaries, etc concerning eating. Normally, I only feed him when he is seated in his; high chair, blue chair that attaches to the counter or booster seat at kitchen table. But sometimes, I’ll give him a small snack or drink, to eat in the kitchen. I’ve always been very clear in my instructions, “while you eat or drink, you must stay in the kitchen.”

There are many reasons for this rule but for this time of year, I don’t want to find half a banana under the sofa with 10,000 ants on top of it.

The topic of “ants” I’ll save for another day.

Will is pretty good about staying within the Kitchen while eating or drinking but more and more, as soon as I give him something, he walks to the end of the kitchen (where the kitchen tiles meet the wood) and he takes one step beyound the kitchen tile, then turns around and looks at me. He looks at me to gauge my response to his rule breaking antics…When I remind him of the rule, he takes one step forward, back onto the kitchen tiles.


About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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1 Response to I challenge you!

  1. Kerryanne says:

    Oh my friend- that is a prelude of what is to come. Trust me. Don’t you love it when he looks right at you while specifically doing what he should not…

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