Eugene Race Report

Race day-The weather actually matched the stellar forecast. Clear blue skies, mid 40s, no wind, with warming sun and an eager crowd waiting behind the starting line- 7:00am in Eugene. Thought for sure the race would meet, if not surpass expectations, just like last year when I set my PR. I trained faster, logged 100 miles more this year. My confidence was high.

But, wasn’t my day. Actually, wasn’t my week.

Will caught a bad cold the previous Sunday and had several days of temperature to accompany a deep cough and running nose. When you are taking care of a sick 2 year old, washing your hands every 10 minutes, just isn’t going to work. And it did not. By Wednesday, knew I had ‘the crud’. Did feel better by Friday so decided to make the drive south with Carter Saturday AM. I still had hopes for some PR glory.

Knew I wasn’t fully recovered from the cold and likely would need to drink extra water to avoid dehydration. But I truly believed I could run and finish the race.

This race will go down as a few lessons learned:

  1. Don’t run a marathon within 3 days of a bad cold. Give your body a week to fully rest and recover.
  2. Don’t run crazy fast. You’ve run 10 marathons, you should KNOW THIS RULE
  3. Drink more fluids

With both calf muscles and hamstrings clinch fist tight, stomach in knots, congestion headache and sandpaper taste in my mouth, I limped off the course at 17 miles. Looking on the bright side, the day held several positives:

  • For 17 miles, I my average mile pace was 8:08.
  • Tied my half way mark time of 1:43 hr

Unfortunately, those same positives became negatives, when running a marathon when my body wasn’t 100%. The last mile, I could feel my body’s rebellion escalating and quickly determined it wasn’t worth it.

Moving forward, I will try to remember these lessons and apply them in the future so Eugene 2011 will remain my only DNF (did not finish) marathon.

Also, on the positive side, since I didn’t run the full race, I don’t need much recovery time before my next race. So, I’ll likely try again in June.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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