In the past week…

Not much activity on the blog front, so a few highlights from the past week…

Met the stay-at-home-dads groups at the Loyal Heights community center last Thursday for the toddler time in the gym. The standard crew of Josh, Brian and ?? with their youngsters. The gym was pretty empty of others so kinda nice and quiet. Usually the place requires earplugs and traffic cops. Brian and his wife just had baby#2 and Josh and family are expecting in a few months so not sure how the group will be impacted. Both dads will continue to be home but life will definitely get more hectic for them.

Cousin Kate (actually my cousin’s daughter) visited us for the weekend from Napa. She wraps up her wine and beverage course at the CIA in three weeks. Always good to see her and Will loves her so. After graduation, a family trip to Europe (Belgium and France) she is off to Denmark for an internship on an organic farm. What a great opportunity.

The running is going pretty well. No major injuries or sickness (knock on wood). Last few weeks finally been able to run 5x per week. Last week started “the taper” with a long run of just 14.  What a great feeling when you can say “just 14” and the run feels like a walk around the block (compared to the previous week of 20 miles). Tomorrow my LAST long run is 8. And they are finally calling for a nice, sunny weekend. Might hit 65– crazy.

Have I mentioned this Spring has felt more like February??

Can’t believe the race is only 10 days away. A few butterflies are already in the stomach…

Will is climbing up the basement steps, giving the HUNGRY! sign. Although he just had breakfast 30 minutes ago. Time to go feed the beast.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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