Weekend fun

Big weekend, here in Ballard. Started the weekend off right with a tasty spaghetti dinner at the Harrison household Friday night. Nadine (7) and Miles (5) are really good with Will and taught him the joy of jumping on the bed.

Saturday morning began with my 18 miler. Sadly, I left the house with 41 “chilly” temps and threatening skies. Had low expectations as I anticipated a cold and wet 2 and half+ hour activity. Wearing the typical gear; shirts, two thin shirts, hat and gloves – makes you freeze for the first mile or two before the body warms up. Crossed the Ballard Locks toward downtown and through the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture park, a cold wind greeted me with a chill down to the bone. Climbed up to Denny to enter Paul Allen’s neighborhood of South Lake Union before turning up Eastlake which lead me passed one of the very non descriptive Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation buildings.

By this time, I was over half way and not only had it not rained but patches of blue sky and sit down for this….a bit of sun. Been a La Nina wet and cold March so any sunshine is a going to be a major cocktail party conversation piece. Crossed the university bridge to pick up the Burke Gilman trail (go left) which winds me the final 4 miles back home to Ballard. Yup, did take the plunge into the ice bath and yes, it was insanely cold. &

Just one more long run- 20 next Saturday, then all downhill (16, 10, 8) for the tapering before the marathon.

Sunday was family time as we met Mark, Amy, Kyle and Gene at the Pacific Science Center. Can’t believe we haven’t taken Will here before. Loaded with hands-on crafts, dinosaur exhibits, live science shows, IMAX, Planetarium shows, and Tropical Butterfly house. Since it was a Sunday, pretty crowded but everyone enjoyed it, especially the 80 degrees inside the Butterfly house.

Mark, Kyle and Gene in the Butterfly House

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Weekend fun

  1. Piper says:

    Thought you might like this talk!

    • Scott says:

      Did I tell you I just read his book? Fantastic story and makes me want to go out and run barefoot. (well, maybe not).

      I highly recommend it, if you haven’t read it yet

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