Back in town, back in Winter

We are back in town after a week in NC. The weather was so nice back East. Several days in the 70s and one hit 82!! Been a long, long time since I ran in those kind of temps. Just t-shirt, shirt and shoes. No gloves, hat or tights needed. Trees, flowers, etc all in bloom. Got in 3 runs and so glad I did.

Is this the Concorde?

Back in Seattle and even though some plants are in bloom it is definitely still winter. This week, highs in the mid 40s with rain in town and more snow in the mountains. La Nina isn’t done yet. They are calling for up to 10″ of fresh powder tonight. Tempted to get up to Snoqualmie pass for one last day on the snowboard.

Back to marathon training. Still bummed not running Yakima River Canyon. It is this Saturday. But, I know i’m not ready. Last Saturday was my longest, long run. Second time reached 16 miles. Ran down to the Fred Meyer and picked up the Burke Gilman Trail. Out passed Husky Stadium (football) and HecEd Stadium (basketball) to University Village. Another mile then turned around and retraced steps all the way back to Ballard and home.

Again, my hips and rear tightened. (haven’t been to yoga in a month). But a bright spot were the calf. The calf sleeves continue to help avoid the muscles tightening up. Another positive, I felt I could have pushed it a few more miles so I’m pretty pleased with where I’m at in my training. The remaining long runs include; 18, 20, 13, 8 and then EUGENE. Can’t believe it is only a month away.

Up today at 5:30am to get in a 5 mile recovery run before KW left for the bus. Still dark outside and dressed in tights, gloves and hat but you know it is nearly Spring, based upon the increased number of runners you see.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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