3rd of 3 trips in February

The final trip took the clan to Mazama, WA. Mark and Amy own a “cabin” near the Mazama Country Store and were extremely gracious in an invitation to join them for the long President’s Day weekend. Actually we all drove up Thursday night, so a nice four-day weekend.

Mark and Amy’s son Kyle is Will’s best bud and just two weeks younger than Will. But, he is ten pounds heavier. Therefore, Will often receives hand me downs from Kyle. Those two had a big time playing with trains, cars and Kyle’s guitar. Kyle carries that thing around all the time, like a really hip security blanket.

We’d never visited Mazama in the winter and with some recent snow, it was a winter wonderland. Mazama is in the northern  portion of the Methow valley, a haven for cross-country skiing. The Methow Valley Sport Trails Association maintains over 120 miles of groomed trails. Luckily, the trails just outside the cabin’s door are beginner. KW and I hadn’t cross-country skied since we started snowboarding in 1998.

There is ‘traditional’ cross country skiing and skate-skiing. With traditional, you have to say in the groomed tracks. Skate skiers are free to move all over the trail. We all skied traditional but would like to take some lessons to become skate skiers. Maybe next year.

Like the previous two trips we ate very well and enjoyed some chilly temperatures. During the days the temperature rose to about freezing but the nights dropped into single digits. The cold temps, ice and snow on road presented a challenge for my running. I sadly didn’t run at all in NE and Tahoe but decided to “winter-ize” some old running shoes for Mazama. Few years ago, I’d read an article in Runner’s World about how to modify your shoes to safely to safely run on snow and ice. Bought about 30 3/8th inch sheet metal screws and simply drilled 15 into the bottom of each shoes. The first time I took them out, it was a chilly 22 degrees and as I slowly jogged across the ice/snow covered road, I had second thoughts. Luckily, not a single slip. They worked pretty darn well. I’ve got a picture of those shoes somewhere….

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2 Responses to 3rd of 3 trips in February

  1. mark says:

    Did you know Mike Broz’s homestead cabin is in Mazama? You were about 1/10th of a mile from his place. 🙂 He’s just across Highway 20 next to the fire station. Gorgeous over there, summer and winter!

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