Traveling Toddler, part 1

February is the traveling month. Three trips in about three weeks; New England, Lake Tahoe and Mazama, WA. The kid does get around.

Since we didn’t travel over the holidays and several relatives hadn’t met Will yet, our first stop was Connecticut. Splitting our time between KW brother’s new lake house in the Berkshires, her younger sister’s home on the coast and older sister’s house in Winchester, everyone got some face time with the man.

Never been to the Berkshires and must admit the first thing I think of is James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James -“though the Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of the frosting…” The area is stunning (especially in deep snow) and their vacation house is right on a lake. Will was thrilled to meet and play with cousins Meagan and Zack . We hope to return in the summer for some swimming, boating and fishing.

The entire Walsh clan originally had planned a gathering all together for a dinner that couldn’t be beat, but following the recent freaky weather, it was snowed out.

Where is the back deck?

On the coast, visited Trisha, Noah and cousins Luke and Emma. Watched the Superbowl on the largest TV imaginable. About a foot of snow lay on the ground but no travel issues.

Last stop was back to western CT, in Winchester. We always enjoy our time with aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom. Crazy deep snow and Will loved the fake duck decoys and copious amount of beef brisket.

The highlight was the afternoon hanging with Grandpa Walsh. They discovered a new game called ‘hit the cup.’

On the flight home Will played with several new toys, including his etch-a-sketch, while awake and asleep.

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