Half recap

Rain from Alki- Photo by NYTimes

Saturday I ran the Green River Half Marathon with about 60 other folks. A tiny, loosely organized event with a route from Tukwila, WA to Alki in West Seattle. Likely better numbers if not for the rain.

Weather wasn’t too bad, in upper 40s. If it were upper 30s and rain I never would have left the bed.

Haven’t run a half since Capital City (Olympia) in 2008? so a bit over confident, thinking it would be SO much easier than a full. Met friend Carter a few minutes before the start and thought we’d run together for most of the route. He is a better athlete but we had similar goals (8 to 8:15 pace) so thought I could hang with him for most of the day. Didn’t happen.

Maybe it was the rain, starting out too fast, lack of stretching before the start, a lack of quality stretching for the past few months or all the above but I struggled to stay on target. Less than half way through, both calf muscles began barking (tightening up ) as left hip and thigh. This forced me to stop twice to stretch some. Although my over all time and mile splits were mostly on target, I expected to feel less impact on the body.

Finish time- 1:45 (actually forgot to stop the timer for a minute or two after crossing the finish line so estimate)

Average pace per mile 8:06 min.

Mile splits (thanks to the Garmin):

  1. 7:40
  2. 7:45
  3. 7:47
  4. 7:52
  5. 8:13
  6. 8:04
  7. 7:54
  8. 8:38
  9. 8:11
  10. 8:28
  11. 7:46
  12. 8:36
  13. 8:22

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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