Quick summary

Another week passes with no post. Here is a quick summary:

The week was dominated by Will’s first day long fever. He woke up about 1:30am on Thursday, in enough distress that we both got up and went into his room. The first time we took his temperature, it was about 102.8. KW took the first shift from 2-4am, then i got up and KW tried to get another two hours of precious sleep.

Being a pretty mellow toddler, even sick, he wasn’t a major pain. Mostly, just crabby. We spent most of the early morning watching (bad) local TV news then Good Morning America. Who knew the local news starts at 4:30am? Tried to get him to sleep but that didn’t happen for about for several hours.

Throughout the morning, his temperature slowly came down but remained “a fever” all day long. About 12:30pm, as I lay on the sofa, I grabbed him and put him on my chest. Within about 40 seconds, he was sound asleep and remained so for the next three+ hours. KW came home from work a bit early and manned the early evening shift even though she too needed a nap.

The entire family was in bed by 9pm.

I haven’t mentioned much about Will’s weekly speech therapy sessions. We go to the Capital Hill campus of Group Health each friday morning for our 50 minute session. Think we’ve been three times…?

Currently, the therapist is trying to teach Will to make sounds he was unable to do so, with his cleft. Before the surgery, he couldn’t trap air then push it out. So, letters like “p, m,n” were beyond his ability.

The therapist’s strategy is to play with Will and incorporate lessons into the play. Often they use cars and he’ll put one car on “top” of another and try to get Will to pronounce “top”. Some other words they worked on yesterday included, “up, wham, down, top, in, and out”.

Will’s favorite was “wham” since the therapist had him “wham” a toy car into the office door over and over. He never pronounced the word correctly but had a big smile on his face and was laughing.

Few notes on the week’s running.

Again, the running only amounted to 4, not 5 runs this week. This morning’s long run was 16 and oddly, I felt better after 16 versus 14 last week. Of course, I may tighten up later and change my mind about which run was more painful.

Speaking of pain, normally after any run of >13 miles, I’ll sit in the bath full of cold water with a bag or two of ice. Yes painful, but really aids the recovery of sore muscles. Try for 6 minutes. Today, was the first ice bath since November and the water out of the tap was super duper cold, plus one bag of ice = crazy cold. Even while holding a hot cup of tea, think I lasted two minutes.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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  1. kerryanne says:

    First big fever is no fun…

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