Big difference between 4 and 5

It is a common problem, i’ve had for years, there is a huge jump from 4 to 5 runs per week. Maybe I’m lazy or over sensitive to soreness but getting in 5 runs isn’t happening. This is my 6th week in the training schedule and haven’t hit 5 once. Just looked at last years schedule (of course I keep all my previous spreadsheets- google docs) and in the first 6 weeks, hit ‘magic 5’ just once.

Today, they are calling for not just wet but ‘soaking’ rain, with potential flooding, so probably will not take Will out in that, to get in my scheduled run. Yesterday, the alarm went off at 5:15am and it was POURING. Knew had to get my run in, so jumped in the car, drove one mile to gym and ran 45min on the treadmill. Got home just in time to take over “primary care giver” duties, as KW walked out the door to catch the bus. Can’t do that today, since Will was up at 5am today.

Wish I could run with Will, in the rain more often. Our Bob baby jogger has a roof/cover but it leaves his lower legs and feet exposed. I’ve taken him out in rain before and dressed him in his ski bib and rain boots, to prevent him getting too wet and cold. And he doesn’t seem to mind getting a little wet during a quick 3-4 miler. But, since it is the cold and flu season, thinking the risk of him getting sick isn’t worth it.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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