Playing catch up – Children’s Hospital

Oops, I am way behind on this thang. Lots happening in the past 10 days.

Will spent three long days and two longer nights at Children’s Hospital for his cleft palate surgery. The surgery went well, minus an extra trip to the OR from recovery to fix unexpected bleeding. After 6 hrs, we finally saw him about 10pm and sat with him until midnight when they wheeled him to his room.

Will’s face was swollen, discolored from bruising and blood oozing from his nose and mouth. With a morphine drip, three or four tubes and wires attached to him, we hoped the next few hours would be the peak for pain and discomfort for him. KW and I took turns holding him, he was one unhappy camper. With him out on Morphine, we laid down on the pull out sofa about 3am, for 2-3 hrs of attempted sleep.

The first recovery day was the toughest. We spent hours watching college hoops (cable tv- yipee) that afternoon while KW went home for a few hours nap. Will nodded on and off into shallow sleep, in between nurse visits to check his vitals, inject meds and deliver food he wouldn’t touch.

First morning in hospital room

KW returned that evening and I headed home for a night’s sleep. As expected, no one slept much that night either. By the next afternoon, he was finally taking liquids and eating a bit. Those were the milestones we needed to think about going home. After visiting the “Playroom”, we checked out late that afternoon.

Each day since the hospital, Will has improved leaps and bounds. The kid is simply staggering adaptive and resilient. Less and less crabbie, his happy personality returned. And slowly, his appetite returned and after a week, FINALLY, started napping.

We return to see the surgeon in a week, and hopefully, the healing will allow us to put away the arm restraints.

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