Lots of change

Today, the first major winter storm arrived. We hit our high temperature by 8am (48 degrees). As the day progresses and the storm moves through, the temp will slowly drop. At 2pm it was 45 and should fall to 40 at midnight. Not tons of rain in the city, maybe .5 inch but not far away, the mountain passes are getting hammered. Mt Baker and Sunrise on Mt. Rainier (5000 ft) will get up to 2 feet today. A series of storms rip through until Monday or Tuesday. Typical for this time of year, in the NW. Seattle receives the majority of its rain for the entire year in November and December.

Fearing the weather would deteriorate, got in a short 3 miles at 8am today. Felt good, still some tightness in the calves and the itch to run longer distance lightly tingling in my gut. Wind was whipping up to 20 mph, so some sideways rain but luckily wasn’t raining hard. Did see two other brave souls out in this storm running. Likely, they are tuning up for the Seattle Marathon (and half ) on the 28th.

Really glad I am not running that race this year. On Thanksgiving, I plan to fully enjoy the bounty of food and drink that this great land provides. Holding a marathon two days after Turkey Day is un-American.

The larger change approaching is Will cleft palate surgery at Children’s hospital, tomorrow. Two procedures will take place. First, tissue from his palate will be detached and rearranged to close the cleft. No bone graphing will happen, the surgeon will just use the skin on the roof of his mouth. This should take about 3 hours. Next, the ear, nose and throat surgeon will spend 15 minutes putting tubes in both ear canals. It is very common for children with cleft palate to have fluid in their ear canals because the Eustachian tubes do not open properly to allow air to enter the middle ear. This fluid build-up can lead to chronic ear infections and hearing loss.

Unfortunately, his surgery is in the afternoon – 3pm. We dread this late start time because that means he can’t eat or drink most of the day. His last meal needs to be over by 7am. And after 11am no liquids. So, I anticipate one crabby (hungry and thirsty) kiddo. We’ll get him up early to try to feed a big breakfast but often he will not eat much, that time of day.

After the surgery, he’ll spend 30-60 minutes in a recovery area, where the team will closely monitor his breathing and verify he can take liquids. His next stop will be his room, where we’ll get to see him. His face will probably be bruised and or swollen and his arms will have restraints on them to prevent him from putting his fingers in his mouth. Going to be one very sad, angry, confused and hungry little guy.

For the patients who have this surgery, about a third begin to talk on their own without any speech therapy or other operation. About a third will need speech therapy. And the final third require a second operation and speech therapy. We hope for group one or two.

Tomorrow, about 3pm PST, keep Will in your thoughts. And we’ll keep you posted.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Lots of change

  1. Trish says:

    You guys are on my mind today. You’re probably stuffing Will full of food right now since it’s almost 7 am PST! Good luck to you, Kath, and Will. Please give him lots of hugs and kisses from his Auntie Trish, and hang in there – no doubt it will be a tough time but will all be worth it when he’s chattering away :)) Love, Trish/Betty

  2. Dianne Elderkin says:

    I’m thinking postiive thoughts for Will this afternoon — I know he’ll do great and will recover quickly with all the love he is getting. Love from Dianne Elderkin

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