Background part 1

For my first background post, let’s first focus on the kiddo – Will.

I could spent hours writing how he came to join the family unit but I’ll try to keep it pretty short.

Back down in the basement again and as I type this, he is seated beside me with his toy phone, trying to mimic my typing with the phone keys. Pretty darn cute.

We adopted Will in June of this year from Southern China. Due to the LONG wait time can’t say I’d recommend anyone following in our footsteps. The expected one year wait became three. For several reasons, after decades of bringing happiness to adoptive parents around the world, the great Chinese baby river is drying up. The central government is de-emphasizing international adoptions and promoting domestic adoptions.

Oops, crying baby. Be right back.

Back again the next morning.

Will (officially “William”) was abandoned and found 11/11/2008 in a park in front of a government building, in LaiBin City. The authorities search for the parents but since it is illegal for parents to abandon children, the babies’ parents are rarely located and the baby will end up in government run orphanages. He appeared to be a new born, so the government made his DOB the previous day, 11/10/2008.

Normally baby girls are abandoned, not boys. Since Will was born with a cleft lip and palate, likely his parents lacked health insurance and panicked over the expected medical costs and decided to give him up. Although we are thrilled to have him as our son, it breaks our hearts to think of the mother who gave up a child because of the costs of treating a common medical condition.

After 8 months in the orphanage, Will’s cleft lip was surgically repaired and he was placed with a foster family. When we learned he spent about a year with a foster family, we were pleased. Likely, he bonded with this family and a child who bonds once is more likely to be able to create a new bond with his adoptive parents.

Late February 2010, we received Wei Jian Hong’s (aka Will) file (medical/personal information) from our local adoption agency, as a potential match. Within days we formally agreed to adopt this 15 month old little boy.

After several absolute tortuous months of waiting, days that dragged, we finally received our final approval from the Chinese government and flew to China 6/14.

We spent one week in Beijing, playing tourist then flew to Nanning on 6/20 and received him the next day. Few days of paperwork with local providential officials, then flew to Guangzhou to submit paperwork with the US consulate to receive the visa for him to enter the USA and become a citizen.

Our first day with Will

On 7/4 we three landed in Seattle and Will became a US citizen on the 4th of July.

(Another post I’ll discuss our flying experiences)

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2 Responses to Background part 1

  1. Such a wonderful story! I’m so happy Will found his way to you and Kathleen – you are about to experience the most wonderful joy in your life! (with the close seconds being marriage and UNC national championships).

  2. I’m so exited for you and Kathleen. You are about to experience the greatest joy of your life (with close seconds being marriage, fast marathon times and UNC national titles).

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